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Counselling Sessions can help you in dealing with

Individual Counselling can help clients in dealing with core conflicts, become more rational by improving thinking styles, gaining self awareness and building their self esteem levels. Fee ranges between Rs 500 to Rs 2000. We charge by taking affordability of client into consideration.

We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline. We are not Psychiatrists or Clinical Psychologists. I.e., We do not treat clients with mental health disorders. We do not give medicines.

Become our client and enjoy these benefits!


We provide huge discount to those who cannot afford!


We provide materials like worksheets, instructional videos for free!


Those who are in Counselling can attend workshops for free!


Our clients can become blog authors and write about their experiences!


Training Sessions can help you in learning

We provide Training Sessions to clients and teach skills that are essential to improve quality of life and wellbeing. We also train Psychology students. Fee of each event ranges between Rs 200 to Rs 2000.


Our Approaches

Humanistic, Existential and Cognitive Behavioral Individual Counselling Approaches

Strategic and Systems Family Counselling Approaches

Person Centered Teaching & Training Methods

We provide FREE Services to help victims of

We provide safe space for victims to share their experiences in empowering manner with other group members.

Latest Blog Posts

We write self help articles to Psychoeducate readers. We also encourage and involve people to write about their real life experiences by joining Psinkin Blog as Authors.

When the stigma is from within: A story of my feminist values and a narcissistic mother
I’ve seen my mother face domestic violence since I was a child. Growing up in an environment where individual liberty and self expression had no space for existence, I soon learnt to survive …
You are empowered within and without by knowing, feeling and accepting yourself. Do it for the sake of you.
Mental stigma is prevalent and prominent enough to address. My social and individual hemisphere was fabricated with this stigma and its connecting lies for a very long time with much pervasivity. I remember …
It took a lot of Unlearning and Relearing, applying what I learnt in therapy to my life and the difference baffled me.
I am a doctor. I was working day in and day out during my internship and taking care of my body. I was having good number of friends, had enough money to go …
The strongest stigma sometimes is the one in your head. 
“Come on, there are real problems in the real world. When you forget how to be grateful and stop taking your duty seriously is when you get all these stupid notions about being …

Latest Videos

We make videos (in English and Telugu) on various topics related to Psychology and Health to help people in learning tips that they can actually apply in their life.

Sync with Psinkin !

Lets have a heart to heart talk: We record talks of people about various topics that are close to their heart. We believe that allowing people to talk about anything from heart not only helps them in expressing and gaining confidence, but also gives them an opportunity to share their lifetime knowledge with the world.

Write as Psinkin Blog Author: We also encourage people to post artistic / creative works and write articles based on their perspectives, trauma writeups and real life experiences.

Video Lessons

We make UGC NET / JRF video lessons and premiere at 8 PM on everyday @ Psinking English Youtube Channel to give FREE coaching to Psychology students.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every human can achieve Self Actualization by

Being Authentic to self
Accepting all parts of self
Seeing things Objectively in the way they are
Being Mindful in present moment
Healing past trauma
Loving Unconditionally
Taking care of Lifestyle

Our Values

We do what we believe in and we believe in what we do by being genuine !
We are open minded and can think out of box !
We are liberal and all kinds of people get equal respect from us !
We are non-judgemental and we dont tag people !
We maintain absolute confidentiality !
We only empathize but not sympathize !
We follow ethical guidelines !



K L Niharika
Psychologist and Trainer

Vamsy Krishna D
Collaborative Leader

Our Collaborators

K Kanaka Durga

Founder of Kanaka Durga & Associates

Nithish Kumar

Founder of UNBOUND