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Our Philosophy

We believe that every human can achieve Self Actualization by

Being Authentic to self
Accepting all parts of self
Seeing things Objectively in the way they are
Being Mindful in present moment
Healing past trauma
Loving Unconditionally
Taking care of Lifestyle

Our Values

We do what we believe in and we believe in what we do by being genuine !
We are open minded and can think out of box !
We are liberal and all kinds of people get equal respect from us !
We are non-judgemental and we dont tag people !
We maintain absolute confidentiality !
We only empathize but not sympathize !
We follow ethical guidelines !

Why Choose Psink In ?

We charge by taking Client’s affordability into consideration !
We provide Support Group Counselling for FREE to our clients !
We allow our clients to write Blog Articles to express themselves !
We use eclectic and holistic approach !

Our Services

Individual Counselling

How it benefits?
Counselling helps in dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, abuse trauma, underachievement, low self esteem, relationship / marital issues, etc.

Mode: Online Zoom Meeting
Duration: Each session 50 mins
Course: 10 – 15 weekly sessions
Eligibility: Anyone who enrolls
Fee: Ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per Session
Psychologist: K L Niharika

Support Group Counselling

How it benefits ?
Support group counselling helps in receiving emotional supporting and learning various perspectives from other group members !

Mode: Online Zoom Group Meeting
Duration: 50 mins
Course: 5 to 10 weekly sessions
Eligibility: The ones who are already taking Counselling
Leader: K L Niharika


How it benefits?
Training helps in learning various skills to improve health, lifestyle and quality of life!

Mode: Online Zoom Group Meeting
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: Rs. 600 /- to Rs. 1500 per Workshop Session (Varies from theme to theme)
Bright Life Coach: Vamsy Krishna D

We served more than 200+ clients across the Nation

Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh