Celebrating Mental Heath Day 2021

Vent your frustration
And fight with Mental Health Stigma

Write about problems you faced because of mental health stigma.

I.e., problems you faced because of people who invalidate your emotions or ideas!

“Forget it, dont overthink”

“Dont give excuses”

“Are you mad? No! Then why you need counselling?”

“Try to move on, no use in worrying about past! “

Your artical will be published on mental health day – 10 October here. https://blog.psinkin.com

You cN write anonymously if you want, however mentioning your name and facing consequences would empower you!

If you are interested, write and send an article to contactpsinkin@gmail.com

If you are a mental health professional and interested in promoting your own service / clinic / content, you can also add links at the end of your article.

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