Group Counselling

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  • Support groups provide safe space for all the members to express freely without any filters. Safety and warmth that each member deserves in a support group has to be provided by all other members by maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY. Do not discuss about anything that you come across during session with anyone (including your family members and friends). Do not even narrate stories of support group members to outsiders. Do not think that you can disclose information about a person without disclosing name of that person.
  • Do not try to make friendship or start any kind of relationship (includes bussiness partnerships, romantic relations, recruitments, etc) with other members of group when you both are connected to each other as emotional support providers to each other through Support group.
  • If you develop feelings for any other member in the group (like hatred, love, pity, anger), immediately disclose to group leader (Psychologist).
  • Through Support group, you can receive and give emotional support. Do not use the group for any other purposes (like sending forward messages, spreading awareness, promoting your business, etc.).
  • Do not talk about parameters like Religion, Caste, Race, Gender, Sexuality, educational qualifications, economic status, appearance, achievements, hobbies, etc. During Support group session, all the members are considered as unique worthy individuals with equal self actualization potential. Do not humiliate / harass / dominate other members of group. Do not form teams.

If you violate any of the above mentioned rules, you will be removed from the group and also strict action (through legal system) will be taken against you if you break the confidentiality or harm any other members of the group in any way.


  • Sit in a private place while participating in Support Group Counselling.
  • Do not multi-task, i.e., do not do any other work like cooking, writing, watching videos during sessions.
  • Switch off your mobile or keep it in silent mode. Attend calls only when its an emergency.
  • Feel free to take a break when you want to go to washroom or drink water, etc. Body needs are always first priority.
  • When you are stuck in a thought, first talk about that with psychologist in group session and clear your mind. Do not allow that thought to parallelly run in background.