K L Niharika, Founder

I myself suffered from anxiety and ‘Reading Psychology’, doing ‘Self Work’ and taking ‘Counselling’ helped me in healing myself. That is what motivated me to become a Psychologist.

I did cross cultural research and comparative study of how mental health care systems work in India and London. My goal is to establish systems that exist abroad in India.

Group Counselling is my unique, affordable and most successful approach that helped many of my clients in gaining new perspectives. My goal is to empower people and help them in connecting to their true self ! I love writing. I write Blog articles and also I encourage my clients and my friends to write and share their stories. I believe that writing or narrating one’s own story empowers. When we express, we get to hear or read our own story, feelings and thoughts and that helps us in understanding ourself!

D Vamsy Krishna, Co-Founder

I am a science enthusiast. For me psychology is a way of life and I lived all my years of life by practically applying principals of psychology and that help me in growing and becoming authentic.

We, me and K l Niharika, founded Psink In in order to reach people who are in need of “that extra mile” of motivation, clarity and courage by empowering the youth and our followers through our unique workshop based approach “The Bright Life”.

Yes! Health is Wealth and Self care is top priority for most of the people. We, Psink In team members design unique ways to empower and give that “Psink In moment” 🙂 to participants at the end of the workshops. We conduct interesting activities both online & offline (Post Covid). I use client centered approach in both group or in a one to one setting. I help people in acquiring their ”authentic self”. Let’s Meet Soon.!