Introducing the second wing of Psinkin –

From now, there will be a clear boundary between paid services and free services.

Psinkin Counselling & Training Centre provides 1. Individual, family and marital counselling. 2. Cognitive, interpersonal & lifestyle management skills training.

Psinkin Foundation provides free services to victims of abuse, violence and COVID19 crisis – 1. Support group sessions and 2. Reorientation programs

Psinkin Blog and Youtube Channels provide Psychoeducation and spreads mental health awareness.

Independence day wishes to all those who are in fight for Justice!

Freedom fight happened because Independence matters! Living as a slave to someone is not only painful because it is a form of injustice, but also because it makes people who are being oppressed feel that

1. Their life is of low value

2. Their decisions are of low value

3. Their dreams are of low value

4. Their beauty is of low value

5. Their individuality is of low value

6. Their knowledge is of low value

When one is treated as an inferior being, his/her self esteem becomes low and his dependency levels becomes high!

There are rare people who protect their self esteem from getting affected by ill treatment of others, they becomes leaders and start revolutions to stop the violence / abuse / harm.

Miss Fiyah said, mental slavery is the worst form of slavery! In every individual, there is a part that tries to protect own self esteem from injustice or ill treatment. When that part takes a lead and starts a revolution within, individual becomes leader. Fight that we see outside is the second phase where leader conquers others. The first phase that we cannot see is a internal struggle, which makes him / her a leader.

On this day,

Psink In salutes to all the fighters who are fighting within, to defeat the factors that negatively impact self esteem!

Psink In salutes to those fighters who have built their self esteem!

Psink In salutes to the ones with high self esteem, who are trying to bring a change in society by fighting back the injustice!

Happy Independence Day ūüíź