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What is the importance of food?

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How food can be used as medicine ?

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Is Psink In different from 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education ?

Even though. Psink In is a fusion version of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education, it is very different from them in some aspects. However, core values are the same. These are the similarities and differences between Psink In and 4 Steps Up + Super 6 Education

Similarities between Psink In & 4 Steps Up

  • Mission is to empower people by providing Counselling and Group Counselling.
  • Each client’s affordability is taken into consideration and client would be charged accordingly. Students get additional benefits.
  • Blog is a platform for clients to write and express feelings. Especially, trauma writing is encouraged.

Similarities between Psink In & Super 6 Education

  • Mission is to provide life skills education that is not taught in any school and help people in becoming authentic.
  • Blog is a platform for client’s to publish their creative / expressive / artistic works.
  • Adolescents get opportunity to express their opinions openly in the form of blog posts.

What is New ?

Teamwork: We, the founders, Niharika and Vamsy are working as a team to provide more number of services. We are also planning to collaborate with people who provide different kinds of health related services in the future. We will be training and molding those who are interested in helping others into Support Group Leaders and supervise them till the time they become capable of independently handling Support Groups.

Bright Life: There are many people who prefer self work over counselling. They need only a mentor and a platform to learn. We are introducing a new platform Bright Life for them. It provides experiential learning. People who have taken Counselling and healed themselves also can be part of ‘Bright Life’ workshops to learn how to move forward from that point and build their life. We will be introducing the concepts of Health Psychology and Positive Psychology to our clients through ‘Bright Life’.

psINK IN Blog: 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education Blogs were parts of main websites. Where as, Psink In Blog is an independent unit. Anyone can become author and write original articles or reblog their articles or submit articles to Admin. We will be collecting real stories of people and posting them. We will also make several self help articles to spread mental health awareness and break stigma. We established clear distinction between expressive writeups submitted by various authors and research based articles written by various professionals by creating various categories.

News Alerts: Now there is a platform that we have dedicated to write about what is happening @ Psink In. We will keep subscribers updated with changes that we make and news announcements.

The story of how and why we created the name “Psink In” & The meaning

“The only thing I know, is that I know nothing.”


How come a person,  who believed that he knew nothing is condered as one of the most wisest Philosophers of all times ? Socrates used only questioning method to understand the World. His method of Socratic questioning is being used by Psychologists even today! Is it true that we, all humans know nothing ? How come Socratic questioning method is able to shake anyone’s beliefs ?

Both positive and negative experiences teach us many lessons. Whenever we learn a lesson, we believe in it. Negative experiences like – being victim of abuse makes us believe that the World is unfair. Positive experiences like – academic achievements, etc makes us believe in luck or hardwork. However,  how can we make sure that we are able to see the real impact of an event ? I.e., What if our assumptions,  perceptions,  understandings, learnings, etc are all biased?

There is a small invisible line between knowing something and SINKING IN. Meaning of “Knowing” is understanding something.  Where as, “SINKING IN” is REALLY understanding something.  The line that separates them is Objectivity.

Sink In means – fully knowing,  feeling,  understanding,  absorbing and experiencing something. 

When we form conclusions about various positive and negative elements in our life, we understand them from a superficial level. We don’t allow them to SINK IN. That is the reason why, we form subjective conclusions,  but not the objective ones. That is why, what Socrates said is true… We know nothing !

Counseling or Person Centered Teaching helps clients in SINKING IN! We, founders of PSINK IN created the name by adding P to the word SINK IN. P represents Psychology. The name explains what any client can get from PSINK IN. That is nothing but “The real, experiential understanding of things”.

Who kidnapped ‘4 Steps Up’ & ‘Super 6 Education’ ?

How come the titles ‘4 Steps Up’ and ‘Super 6 Education’ disappeared from everywhere ? What happened to them ? Why appointments page is not reachable or keeps on redirecting? Who kidnapped them? Chill! This article is going to answer all your questions !

K L Niharika and D Vamsy Krishna, the founders of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education decided that we will work together from now! That is why we created a fusion version of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education which is nothing but PSINK IN !

Mission of 4 Steps Up was to empower people by helping them in reconnecting to mind, body, people and nature. Main service that 4 Steps Up provided was Counselling. Mission of Super 6 Education was to empower people by training and imparting knowledge.

What could be the mission of Psink In ? Obviously, Psink In will work in a new direction to fulfill both the missions of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education in new ways!

Psink In will be providing both Counselling and Training ! Counselling can help clients in healing their trauma and gaining self awareness. We are establishing a new platform Bright Life . Vamsy Krishna D as a Life Coach, will be training people by using his unique person centered teaching approach.

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