We have founded Psinkin Foundation to help victims of Abuse, Violence and COVID19 for FREE.

Mr. Vamsy Krishna D conducted an event on 6 December 2021 at Sri Gayatri E Techno School, Manikonda – Reorientation to studies amid COVID-19 crisis situation.

The main goal of program was to impart knowledge to children about how to face uncertainties, handle exam fear, study effectively and be self aware during COVID19 crisis situation. The program helped 10th class students in understanding how to adapt to the situation.

Psinkin Foundation is ready to organize such events at any place in Hyderabad for free to help people who got psychologically affected because of COVID19 crisis. If you are a representative of student group, and you think your group is in need of help, feel free to write to us (contactpsinkin@gmail.com).

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