Who kidnapped ‘4 Steps Up’ & ‘Super 6 Education’ ?

How come the titles ‘4 Steps Up’ and ‘Super 6 Education’ disappeared from everywhere ? What happened to them ? Why appointments page is not reachable or keeps on redirecting? Who kidnapped them? Chill! This article is going to answer all your questions !

K L Niharika and D Vamsy Krishna, the founders of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education decided that we will work together from now! That is why we created a fusion version of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education which is nothing but PSINK IN !

Mission of 4 Steps Up was to empower people by helping them in reconnecting to mind, body, people and nature. Main service that 4 Steps Up provided was Counselling. Mission of Super 6 Education was to empower people by training and imparting knowledge.

What could be the mission of Psink In ? Obviously, Psink In will work in a new direction to fulfill both the missions of 4 Steps Up and Super 6 Education in new ways!

Psink In will be providing both Counselling and Training ! Counselling can help clients in healing their trauma and gaining self awareness. We are establishing a new platform Bright Life . Vamsy Krishna D as a Life Coach, will be training people by using his unique person centered teaching approach.

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